What are Views?

Views are snapshots of documents or models from different camera angles and with different colors, object visibility, and markups. Views are saved and can be reused and shared with other members of the project.

All the Views you created or that have been shared with you in the 3D and 2D Viewer will be listed in the Views page on the Mobile application.

Toolbar Commands

  1. Switch between 3D and 2D Views.

  2. Delete View.

  3. Create a View Group.

  4. Add View to ToDo.

  5. Sort Views.

Synchronize Views

To sync the Views to and from Trimble Connect for Browser and Trimble Connect for Windows, swipe down on the Views page.

Sort Views

You can view a list of all the ToDos in the project on the ToDo page in Trimble Connect for Mobile.

Tap the Sort button to sort the Views by:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Modification date

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