Working with Clip Planes

You can add clip planes to focus on required details in the model. A clip plane cuts away a portion of the model along a plane that you select. Clip planes do not remove objects from models, they just determine what is displayed in the 3D view.

Quick Tip

Make sure the setting for viewing clip planes is turned on. You can do this by going to the Model Display Settings.

Create a Clip Plane

To create a clip plane in the 3D Viewer

  1. Open a model in Trimble Connect for Mobile.

  2. Tap the Add () button.

  3. Tap the Clip plane button.
    You can add clip planes or vertical clip planes from the options menu in the bottom bar.

  4. Tap an object to insert the clip plane at the selected point.

  5. After inserting the clip plane in its initial position, you can tap and drag to move the inserted clip plane.

Removing Clip Planes

To remove a clip plane

  1. Select a clip plane in the model.

  2. A toolbar opens at the bottom

  3. Tap the Delete button on the toolbar.

  4. The selected clip plane is deleted.

To remove all clip planes

  1. Select a clip plane in the model.

  2. A toolbar opens at the bottom.

  3. Tap the Delete All Clip Planes button.

  4. A confirmation message opens.

  5. Tap Yes.

  6. All clip planes will be deleted in the model.

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