QR Code to launch Files & Views

You can launch Files and Views using QR code.

  • This will eliminate the need to browse through folder hierarchies to open the desired file.

  • It will also avoid the need to navigate to Views list and search for a View.

  • This will be available for both 3D and 2D file types supported by Connect.

  • Multiple 3D models can be mapped to a QR code (to launch all files together).


A. Using the QR code doesn’t modify user permissions to files and views.

1. So users with "No access" file permissions will not be able to open files.

2. Similarly users with whom Views are not shared will not be able to open the Views.

B. QR scan to open files / views will be available in online only mode for now. Availability in offline mode will be in the future.

QR scan options

The QR scan options are available in different portions of the app - so you can scan easily regardless of where you are in the Connect for Mobile app.

Where can I generate QR code from?

  1. You can launch the needed files or view and capture the QR code from the browser as shown below. It can be downloaded and placed onsite where the user is expected to have access to the model or view.

2. The other option is to generate QR code from the Connect for Browser application's detail panel (Files , Views)

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