View & Manage Licenses

Managing Your Licenses

There are two places Trimble Connect paid licenses can be managed, the Trimble Account Management Portal or the Tekla Online system. You can quickly access either system directly in the Trimble Connect for Browser application by opening the Application Switcher dropdown menu, where you will see options for My Trimble Subscriptions and/or My Tekla Online Subscriptions.

Note: Users who only have a Trimble Connect Personal license will not see either of these menu options.

Trimble Account & Trimble Subscriptions

Business licenses for Trimble Connect can be purchased directly from the Connect Storefront, via your Trimble Sales Rep or as part of a bundle with other Trimble Applications.

Tekla Online Subscriptions

With one license, you have access to full Trimble Connect functionality and Tekla Structures Workflow Tools. See the phases of managing licenses.

Now you have access to Tekla Online Admin tool that allows you to manage your organization's users access rights to Tekla Online services.

For more information about managing licenses in Tekla Online Admin Tool, see Manage Trimble Identities and Tekla Online licenses.

Check for an Updated License

When a new Connect license is applied, you can make it available faster (on demand) while using the Trimble Connect for Mobile application by using the new Refresh License option in the Menu.