Remove Downloaded Files

Downloaded files can be removed from your device to reduce the amount of storage that is being used by the application.

This does not remove the files from the project.

To remove a file or multiple files

  1. Log into Trimble Connect for Mobile.

  2. Open your project from the project list on the opening page.

  3. Select the file(s) you want to remove from your device.
    Files that have been downloaded will have a check (✔) next to them.

  4. A toolbar opens at the bottom.

  5. On the toolbar, tap Delete.

  6. An alert will be displayed asking to confirm removing the files.

  7. Tap Yes.

After tapping yes, the files will have a cloud icon next to them (indicating they are available on the cloud but not your device.

Need to remove all the downloaded data?

If you are running low on device storage, or no longer need any data from the project, you can delete the downloaded files from your device storage.

See Project Settings for details.

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