ToDo Listing

Synchronize ToDos

To sync the ToDos to and from Trimble Connect for Browser and Trimble Connect for Windows, swipe down on the ToDo page.

Sort ToDos

You can view a list of all the ToDos in the project on the ToDo page in Trimble Connect for Mobile.

Tap the Sort button to sort the ToDos by:

  • Author

  • Creation date

  • Assignee

  • Priority

  • Status

  • Modification date

  • Due date

Open a ToDo in 2D or 3D

While using Trimble Connect for Mobile, you can view the embedded views from ToDos in the 2D or 3D Viewer.

To open a ToDo's embedded view

  1. Open a project in Trimble Connect for Mobile.

  2. Go to the ToDo page.

  3. Open a ToDo.

  4. Under the Attachments Section, click on the embedded view item.

  5. The view will be loaded in the corresponding viewer.

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