AR Viewer

Trimble Connect AR is an extension of the Trimble Connect for Mobile app that gives Building construction workers even greater accessibility to 3D models in the field. With Connect AR, users can leverage augmented reality, field-oriented construction workflows and constructible 3D models to transform daily work such as assembly and inspections.


  • You will need a valid Trimble Connect AR license to launch the AR viewer.

Trimble Connect Mobile now features a Launch in AR Viewer option that will seamlessly transition to and load the selected model in the Connect AR app.

  • The Launch in AR Viewer option will be available while you are online and if you have a Trimble Connect AR license.

  • The Launch in AR Viewer option will be available from anyone of the following options:

      1. Files list

      2. Within the 3D Viewer

      3. Quick access card

      4. Todo file attachments in Connect for Mobile

  • Only 1 3D file can be launched in the AR viewer. If multiple files are chosen , they will be launched only in the 3D Viewer.

Device & App Requirements

  • You will need the Trimble Connect AR app to be installed in addition to the Trimble Connect Mobile app. If the Trimble Connect AR app is not available on your device, you will be prompted to install it.

  • Your mobile device will have to be supported for AR Services by the respective OS. Check the supported devices in Android and iOS.